Education system
Education system
Rangjung Gonpa comprises a traditional monastic setting where a community of over 300 monks and nuns dedicate themselves to a variety of daily dharma activities. The monastic hermitages enable the community to remain united in order to preserve the authenticity of the spiritual transmission they have received, to keep it alive through constant practice and to transmit it for the benefit of all. The academic curriculum of the monastic education in Rangjung Woesel Choeling Monastery is divided two levels; the elementary level (ZIN-RIM) and the advanced level (LO-RIM). The Elementary Level is a six-year course which consists of the study of buddhist scriptures, Tibetan language, handwriting, grammar and ritual arts. The Advanced Level (Higher Buddhist Studies and Research) is a seven-year undergraduate course for monks and nuns to study buddhist philosophy, literature, poetry, Abhidharma, geography, morality and the history of Buddhism. After graduation, a three-year practical training is required before conferring the title of a 'Khenpo'.
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2019/05/03~05/05 Annual 3-Day Krodikali Retreat and Four Fou
MAY.3rd~5th,2019. Annual 3-Day Krodikali Retreat and Four Foundations Teachings  in Paro,West Bhutan ...