Dudjom New Treasure

Dudjom New Treasure
Before his Parinirvana, Buddha Sakyamurni predicted that “112 years after my passing, the secret mantrayana teachings shall be propagated in this world to benefit beings of the Dark Age”. As according to the prophecy and at the supplications of the Dakinis, Guru Padmasambhava took birth upon a lotus in the north-west country of Urgyen and propagated the secret mantrayana teachings. At the invitation of the then Tibetan King Trisong Deutsen, Guru Padmasambhava went to Tibet and spread the teachings of the secret mantrayana. The teachings were widely spread in Tibet and became known as the Nyingmapa (the old translation) lineage. This lineage had two main branches:

1)The Long Lineage: This lineage teaching was handed down from teachers to disciples since Guru Padmasambhava’s time till the present time.
2)The Short lineage or Terma Lineage:
a)Terma refers to teachings that were written by Guru Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal hidden in various ways in space, in rocks, under ground, under water, in the mind, in fire, etc. These hidden teachings (terma) are guarded by the Dakinis and Dharma Protectors to be revealed at a later time by terton (treasure revealer) as prophesied by Guru Padmasambhava himself to benefit beings at the appropriate time.
b)Terma teachings are precious not only because it is from Guru Padmasambhava directly, but also because it is especially kept for beings of the appropriate time. Because the lineage is short and fresh, it is pure and untainted, thus having great blessings.
c) Because of special connection great terton must fulfill the following conditions: 1) The terma that was revealed must be complete in itself that contains teachings that will lead sentient beings towards full enlightenment and liberation. 2) It must be complete with great perfection teachings of “Lama, Yidam and Khandro”.

The terma teachings of Guru Padmasambhava consist of terma of the east, west, south, north and central. The “Dudjom New Treasure” belongs to terma of the east, just like the root system of a tree it is a deep, firm and strong foundation for the healthy growth of the whole tree.

Dudjom Rinpoche himself said: “The Dudjom New Treasure lineage is the heart and essential teachings of the Dakinis.” This terma lineage is extremely short. The ‘warmth’of the Dakini’s breath has still not dissipated and thus carries incredibly great blessing. Thus it is popularly said that it is the most precious and the golden key to enlightenment in this present time.

The Dudjom New Treasure teachings are clear and complete in themselves. Its practice texts are simple and profound, systematic and graduated paths are clear and complete with all the pith instructions.

Guru Padmasambhava prophesied that:”more than one hundred thousands people who practice this terma will obtain realization in one life.” (samaya breakers excepted)
Significance of Dudjom Dharma
Dudjom New Treasure is the heart essence of Dakinis, and because the transmission is very short, the breath of Dakini lingers on, containing enormous pure blessing power. The Dharma activities will spread wide and those who practice it will enjoy abundant success in worldly activities and wealth. If they keep their samaya vows, eventually all their obstacles and obscurations will be destroyed and liberation is attained.

During the time of Dudjom Rinpoche the Second, the teachings of Dudjom New Treasure not only flourished in India, China and Tibet, but also spread widely in the West. Retreat centers were built in countries like France and the US. Especially in the remote areas of Bhutan, practitioners in the mountains had not heard of any other Buddhadharma but the teachings of Dudjom New Treasure. Such great influence of the Dudjom New Treasure teachings was naturally difficult to maintain after Dudjom Rinpoche’s passing parinirvana. Thus at the tender age of 19 Dungse Garab Rinpoche took up the heavy responsibility to revive the spread of Dudjom lineage.
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