H.H. Dungsey Garab Rinpoche


The Compassionate Wish of Dungsey Garab Rinpoche

Rinpoche’s blood lineage goes back to the great Tibetan king Trisong Deutsen who was the manifestation of Manjushri. In an unbroken succession from father to son, the lineage reached the 2nd Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshe Dorje. He then transmitted it to his son Dungsey Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, who passed it on to Dungsey Garab Rinpoche. It is most precious and rare that Rinpoche holds both lineages: the heavenly blood lineage and the Dudjom Dharma lineage.
Dungsey Garab Rinpoche has committed himself to spreading the teachings of Dudjom New Treasure, especially through setting up Krodikali tsok groups to practice the chöd of Thröma Nagmo. Rinpoche annually conducts pujas, teachings and retreats for groups in different parts of the world. He travels all year round for the sake of his disciples’ practice and of spreading the lineage teachings.
Benefiting mother-like sentient beings by turning the Wisdom Dharma Wheel of Dudjom New Treasure is not only Rinpoche’s compassionate wish; he also considers it his foremost responsibility to spread the teachings of Dudjom New Treasure. We supplicate Dungsey Garab Rinpoche to always turn the Dharma wheel and guide all sentient beings to perfect their merit in order to achieve buddhahood.

A Brief Biography of Dungsey Garab Dorje Rinpoche

Dungsey Garab Dorje Rinpoche was born in Peka, eastern Bhutan. His father was the most famous and great nyingmapa master Thinley Norbu Rinpoche. His grandfather was head of the Nyingmapa lineage the second Dudjom Rinpoche. His maternal grand father was the famous tantric yogi Sonam Zangpo Rinpoche, one of chief disciples of the most renowned Sakya Shri (a great yogi of the Drupa Kagyud lineage).
Emanation of Bodhisattva Manjushri, the Tibetan King Trisong Deutsen’s human-deva blood lineage transmitted through the second Dudjom Rinpoche to Thinley Norbu Rinpoche is now transmitted to Garab Dorje Rinpoche. Thus this blood lineage transmitted through father and son is unbroken, pure and untainted and has the most powerful blessing.
Dungsey Garab Dorje Rinpoche has to shoulder the burden of carrying on the Dudjom lineage since the age of nineteen. In Bhutan, Rinpoche conducts Annual Grand Dorje Phurba Puja, Group Practice of Krodikali and grant major empowerments of various practices. Since the year 2007, Rinpoche has conducted the “Dakini Krodikali Hundred Thousand Tsogs” and group practice with ten thousand people in Bodhgaya, the most holy place where Buddha attained enlightenment.


Dharma Activities of Dungse Garab Dorje Rinpoche

Since childhood Rinpoche had received Dharma teachings especially the “Dudjom New Treasure” lineage teachings from his father (also his root-guru) Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche.
In the year 2009, on the invitation of the Prime Minister of Bhutan, Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche returned to this holy land after a lapse of more than ten years. Innumerous disciples, despite difficult journeys and long distances, gathered to meet Rinpoche and hear his Dharma.
Dungsey Garab Dorje Rinpoche was personal attendant to Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche just like a small child serving his father. Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche was very touched and most surprised to see that in this short ten over years, Dungsey Garab Dorje Rinpoche has constructed not only the Rangjung Oser Monastery, but many retreat centers , yogi temples, nunneries, Buddhist institute and young monks training centers all over Bhutan. Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche also noticed that Dharma activities of  Dungsey Garab Dorje Rinpoche has spread widely all over Bhutan. In every state over Bhutan there is a Dharma center whose main practice is of the Dudjom lineage, lamas, nuns, yogis, yoginis, lay practitioners, all of them are following the Dudjom lineage practices and specially the Dakini Krodikali Chod practice.

Dudjom Rinpoche’s prophecy that “Dudjom New Treasure shall be widely spread through the practice of Dakini Krodikali” has in fact come true.
Turning the wheel of wisdom Dharma of the Dudjom New Treasure for the benefits of all mother sentient beings has been Rinpoche’s compassionate wish. To propagate widely the Dudjom New Treasure lineage more so is his responsibility. With the blessings of the lineage mandala, it is hope that Rinpoche will turn the wheel of Dharma for the sake of all beings endlessly.


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