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*** Join the Big Dharma Family of Dudjom Mandala !


Dudjom Lingpa’s prophesy about Dudjom Rinpoche the Second says: “All sentient beings who either see him, think of him, or have personal connection with him, will gain liberation and in the future will be born in the kingdom of Shambhala.” (This excludes those who break their samaya.)

It takes a lot of merit and special karmic connection to be able to follow Dungse Garab Rinpoche. Learning to practice the teachings of this lineage under the guidance of the Guru and never break the samaya vows is bound to benefit countless sentient beings and lead to ultimate enlightenment.

Join us in this big family. Under Rinpoche’s guidance, let us practice merit and wisdom and together in the Dudjom Mandala contribute our heart and strength to turning the Wisdom Dharma Wheel of Dudjom New Treasure.


In the Dudjom mandala--------

    Rinpoche----because of your compassionate wish

        We are tightly linked with Dudjom Dharma lineage


    Rinpoche----because of your compassionate wish

        We are all achieve the rainbow body of great transformation



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